Our company is committed to operate in accordance with our code of ethics and business conducts. We also recognizes that failure to meet trade compliance requirements can have serious consequences for us, including damage to the company’s reputation, monetary penalties, and suspension/revocation of the company’s exporting or importing privileges with a resulting negative impact to our suppliers and customers. Therefore we are committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the trade compliance policy which integrates compliance activities into our business processes.

We strive to create a culture in which Trade compliance is part and parcel of everyday business through the following (known as ARTS in short):

Anti- boycott - Participating in Boycotts is against our vision of being one of the top Global Forwarders in the world. It will have serious consequences not limited to SG Sagawa Ameroid’s reputation and suspension / revocation of our exporting and importing privileges. We shall not support any trade boycott without the prior approval from our parent company, SG Holdings Global and the prior written approval of our CEO.

Responsibility & compliance – All employees are responsible for supporting and complying with the principles contained in this policy. Should they be unsure of the responsibilities required, they must seek more information from their superiors.
Negligence or blatant disregard of this Trade Compliance Policy will be subjected to disciplinary actions, including dismissal deemed necessary by SG Sagawa Ameroid in accordance to the Anti- Social Forces Pledge.

Trade – import or export – All import and exports shall be declared truthfully based on our clients’ information to the relevant authority through the TradeNets System which is Singapore’s National Single Window for the trade declaration launch in 1 Jan 1989.
Shipping documents shall be accurate in describing the contents of the goods being shipped as well as the inclusion of the relevant authorization and import or export classification.

Sanctions – We shall not participate or be involved in any act of terrorism, drug trafficking, trading in weapons of mass destruction, multi-national crime or any such crime or terrorist organisation. In addition, we will not have any business dealings or any associations with anyone stated in, but not limited to, the US Specially Designated Nationals and blocked persons (SDN List).