Sagawa Express Singapore Pte Ltd was first established in Singapore in July 1998 providing International Air and Sea freight total logistics services.

We aim to develop Sagawa Express into an enterprise whereby it is the first choice for all people, including customers, employees and other members of society. With this in mind, all employees will proudly fulfil their roles in developing our business by giving priority to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, establishing firm bedrock for our business operations and determining the scope of our businesses.

In 2013, we are proud to announce the acquisition of Ameroid Logistics Pte Ltd under SG Holding Group to increase our transportation capabilities. This acquisition will allow us to secure and expand our land transportation function as well as reinforce our warehousing and CFS capabilities. With a port that is capable of accommodating large cargo carriers, Singapore is one of the crucial transhipment hubs for cargo transport between ASEAN countries and the rest of the world. Judging that, as one of the leading companies in Singapore's trucking and warehousing sector primarily engaged in transport and warehousing operations, Ameroid's capabilities would optimally contribute to reinforcing our business.

With the merger of both Sagawa Express Singapore Pte Ltd and Ameroid Logistics Pte Ltd, our new name will be SG Sagawa Ameroid Pte. Ltd.

All in all, we come out stronger with clearer objectives, more aggressive mission and humble core values to succeed in this ever revolutionizing, changing and growing world economy.

In preparing ourselves to meet future needs of our customers, we will seek to develop our enterprise into the Asian leader of the comprehensive logistics business, and the enterprise of first choice for people across Asia. In these endeavours, we would appreciate your generous support.

Thank you.