Environmental Policy

SG Sagawa Ameroid Pte Ltd will plan and execute our activities in the best possible manner to:

  1. Ensure the prevention of any pollution
  2. To promote recycling to reduce waste
  3. To build awareness, skill and knowledge in the workforce through training, briefing and campaigns.
  4. Protect the environment and all persons working under the control of the organization.
  5. Achieve continual improvement in environmental management and its performance
  6. Comply with all applicable legislations and other environmental requirements to which the organization subscribes and relating to its environmental aspects.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

SG Sagawa Ameroid Pte Ltd strictly prohibits consumption or possession of any prohibited drug and alcohol during working hours.

Anyone found to be in unstable condition; in a drug induced situations; or in possession of prohibited drug shall be:

And anyone found carrying alcohol to the workplace or consume alcohol 6 hours before coming to work shall be suspended immediately pending further investigation.

The Company is bound by the Singapore Statutes regarding prohibited drugs, which is one of the strictest in the world.

Workplace, Safety and Health Policy

Our Company advocates the importance of Health and Safety work environment for our employees, clients, visitors and business partners.

We believe that every incident is preventable.

We strive to create a culture in which EHSS is part and parcel of everyday business.

The organization is fully committed to create an excellent safety and health culture among all persons working under its control.

The organization will;

  1. Ensure a high level of personnel safety and safe working environment,
  2. Commit to prevention of injury and ill health and achieve continual improvement in EHS management system and performance and also setting and reviewing EHS objectives.
  3. Comply with applicable legal and other requirements for the prevention on injury and ill health;
  4. Implement risk management and provide sufficient and appropriate resources to support its implementation;
  5. Communicate to all persons on their individual EHS obligations; and
  6. Ensure the availability of this policy to all interested parties
  7. Reviewed periodically to ensure it remain relevant and appropriate To the organisation.

Security Policy

Our Company is committed to protect our employees, properties, information, reputation and customer's assets from any potential threats. Our Security policy is guided by the company's core values, code of conduct, business ethics, human resource management, Information system and other relevant legislations.

  1. To establish procedures for customers/contractors screening, procurement and termination.
  2. To comply to all relevant Legislation, Regulations, Code of conduct and ethics in all security matter.
  3. To conduct periodic risk analysis on security issues and put in place appropriate control measures.
  4. To establish procedure and guidelines provide to maintain a sustainable security standard.