The SG Holdings Group's Guiding Principles

Corporate Philosophy
"Trust, Create, Challenge"

SG Holdings Group will:

Corporate Charter of Business Conduct

Declaration to Earn the Trust and Empathy of Society

The SG Holdings Group aims to be a company that is beneficial to society, by creating added value, through fair competition, whilst supporting the development of economies and societies. All directors and employees of the SG Holdings Group will act responsibly and work together, at all times, to implement the following 8 principles, in order to maximize stakeholder values, respect human rights, both domestically and internationally, and obey all laws, international rules and the spirit thereof, with the aim of creating a sustainable society with a strong sense of ethics.

Customers’ Expectations

  1. We shall earn satisfaction and trust by developing and providing useful and convenient products and services, whilst aiming to continually improve our level of service.

Employees’ Expectations

  1. We shall respect the diversity, character and individuality of each employee, and strive to create safe and employee-friendly work environments that provide all employees with a sense of comfort and fulfillment.

Local Communities’ Expectations

  1. We shall proactively carry out appropriate safety and environmental related activities, as we recognize that these are essential to our business activities and the existence of the company.
  2. We shall actively engage in philanthropic activities to contribute to society, as a "good corporate citizen."
  3. We shall, in our global business activities, comply with the laws of each county and region, respect international standards, including human rights, and contribute to the development of those countries; whilst respecting their cultures and customs, and taking into account the concerns of stakeholders.

Shareholders’ & Business Partners’ Expectations

  1. We shall communicate not only with our shareholders, but also with society as a whole and will proactively and fairly disclose corporate information. Further, we will thoroughly protect and manage all the information we possess, including personal and customer information.
  2. We shall engage in fair, transparent and free competition and proper transactions. We shall also maintain healthy and normal relationships with political entities and government officials.
  3. We shall resolutely oppose and disassociate from any anti-social forces and organizations that threaten social order and safety.
Management Stance
  1. We, the management, recognize that it is our responsibility to uphold and implement the spirit of this charter, and to take the lead in promoting awareness of this within the Group, as well as to business partners. Additionally, we will establish effective company-wide systems to promote business activities and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.
  2. We, the management, shall make clear our stance towards resolving any violations of this charter, both internally and externally, investigate the cause and develop reforms to prevent reoccurrence, and promptly and accurately disclose information to the public.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

We will act in accordance with this Code of Ethics and Conduct, which is an embodiment of the "SG Holdings Group Corporate Charter of Business Conduct".

  1. We shall continue to grow together with customer expectations.
  2. We shall continue to create a positive workplace together with employee expectations.
  3. We shall continue to move forward together with community expectations.
  4. We shall continue to build trust together with shareholder and business partner expectations.